Advisory policy wordings (often referred to as "forms," "insurance forms" or "policy forms") are developed by the IBC Wordings Advisory Group (formerly known as the Underwriting Committee).


Policy wordings are the basis of the insurance coverage contract between the insured consumer and their insurer. Although the advisory model wordings are intended as industry benchmarks, their use, in whole or in part, is entirely at the discretion of each company. The wordings and formats of each insurance company's policies will be appropriate to the company's specific requirements. Click on the links below or in the left navigation bar to view specific wordings.

Habitational Wordings
Commercial General Liability Wordings
General Wordings
Commercial Property Wordings

Policy Wordings: National (common law provinces)
Policy Wordings: Quebec only
Habitational Wordings
English: IBC 1100 to 1499
French: BAC 1100 to 1499
Habitational Wordings: Quebec only*
English: IBC 1500 to 1599
French: BAC 1500 to 1599
Commercial General Liability (CGL)
English: IBC 2100 to 2400
French: BAC 2100 to 2400
Commercial General Liability (CGL): Quebec only
General Wordings
English: IBC 3000 to 3101
French: BAC 3000 to 3101
General Wordings: Quebec only
English: IBC 3000Q; 3094Q
French: BAC 3000Q; 3094Q
Commercial Property
English: IBC 4000 to 4199
French: BAC 4000 to 4199
Commercial Property: Quebec only
English: IBC 4000Q; 4024Q; 4040Q
French: BAC 4000Q; 4024Q; 4040Q

*Habitational Wordings for use in Quebec are created by IBC Quebec Committee. To view those wordings (in English and French), go to the BAC Quebec Member site. To obtain access, you will need to register by filling out the “Access Form”.